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A day by the ocean (Agadir City)

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Morocco excursion is offering you a wonderful tour for A Day by the Ocean (Agadir City). You will find it the most exciting place in Morocco. Morocco excursion has a tendency to operate Morocco Tours with expertise and integrity. Many tourists come every year to visit the beauty of this place. Agadir is a town with a stunning beach area somewhere tourists can stay. The beach is very sandy and wide on the Atlantic Ocean, which is quite cold. The beach area extends for miles and is simple to walk beside as you don’t descend down. There is also a walkway along the beach which features restaurants, shops, and people selling a multiplicity of goods. It feels very touristy. You will find it the beautiful long sandy beach, in no way a problem to discover a space! It’s so big. The waves are wonderfully immense for the family. Enjoy Lifeguards on the beach and just a magnificent place to relax for the day. We are giving you a chance to Sitting by the sea, feeling the glow breeze while having tasty Moroccan food was the ideal way to spend your time. There is further to Agadir Morocco than the beach, although. This is the capital of the foreign Berber people, and one place to gather them is at the local souk.

Go and see a lot of things in Agadir City

The soul is a market where you can purchase everything from a commode to a camel. Agadir’s Souk El Had is where a lot of-of the city’s populace do their shopping. Even if you’re not one for reminder trade, the environment there alone makes the tour worthwhile. It’s separated into numerous sections such as spices, leather, vegetables, and ceramics, much more things and the whole place felt so reliable. Agadir, Morocco is easily navigated and compact on foot, although Taxis are actually cheap (if you don’t feel like walking). One of the place, places of interest is the Marina d’Agadir, which is wrinkled with Restaurants, Apartments, and rows of yachts shiny in the sunlight. Morocco has some of the mainly unique architecture on the planet, and several of the traditional buildings have a majestic and unique atmosphere. They feature great archways and stunning domes that entire them; delightful courtyards and rambling gardens. A Day by the Ocean (Agadir City) tours of Morocco area unit individualized and designed only for you

Explore the beauty of this wonderful destination

The beginning of tourism is the awareness of uniqueness, of something being different from the usual.  The amazing view of this place is from the Kasbah hill in the north end of the bay. The Kasbah was built in the 16th century and it’s the just historic memorial left in the city. Today it’s frequently a wall with some remains inside, but I liked obtainable there for the history and the view. It’s free to enter. Outer the Kasbah there are reminder stalls, camels to ride and eager salesmen. Just be conscious that the camel owners will charge for tourists just for photos and that there’s a gather of bare camels walking around in close proximity. That setting is much more usual and won’t charge you a thing. Book you’re A Day by the Ocean (Agadir City) tours and enjoy your vacations with this amazing place through Morocco excursion.


• Pick up time from your hotel is 7:30 a.m.
• Drive through the low Atlas Mountains.
• After two hours to three hours driving, you will get to the Agadir city.
• We will drive by the Cornish to get to the top hill of the old Agadir city called by locals 'Agadir Oufella'.
• We will visit the new Marina.
• Set down for snacks and sandwiches that are included, in a nice restaurant.
• After lunch break, we will head towards the sunny beach to enjoy swimming and sun bathing.
• Start driving towards Marrakech, and we will get you back to your hotel by 7pm.

Terms & Conditions

• Paper or an electronic voucher and ID are required.
• Contact us to confirm your accommodation and the pickup time from your hotel .
• Children 1 year and half are complimentary.
• Children less than 12 years ½ price.

Whats Included

• Hotel Pickup and drop
• Transfers from and to Marrakech.

Cancelation Policy

You can cancel free of charge until 72 hours before your reservation starts. After that time, no cancellations, changes or refunds will be made.

Right to Alter or Cancel Excursion

We reserve all rights to delay, alter or cancel tours due to weather or any unsafe conditions for safety reasons.

No Show

When a passenger is not present at the submitted pickup place at the beginning of the pickup time, the driver-guide is obliged to continue the pickup of other passengers and is allowed to start the tour without the missing passenger (in order to not delay the tour for the rest of the passengers). This is considered a “No Show” and no refund will be provided.


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avatar - Sep, 16, 2016 -

Melanie Haskins

I was visiting Morocco for the first time and one of my friends advised me to get the services of Morocco Xcursion team for this purpose. I was provided a nice villa which offers an ocean view from the terrace and as well as the rooms. I had a great time with the friendly staff and enjoyed delicious cuisine dinners. I thoroughly enjoyed the day spent in the Agadir city along with my complete tour to Morocco. I highly recommend Morocco Xcursion to everyone as these people certainly make great tours for their clients.

avatar - Dec, 20, 2016 -

Adams Baytown

I really enjoyed the Tour of Agadir city arranged by Morocco Xcursion team. Not only the city tour was great, but I also enjoyed the place where I stayed due to the best quality food and terrace with perfect views. You can smoke hookah and have a relaxing time there. I am happy and satisfied with the services provided by Morocco Xcursion and would happily advise these people to get your excursions booked.

avatar - Aug, 02, 2016 -

Andy Birger

I had a group tour with the Morocco Xcursion team. We were all colleagues who wanted to explore Agadir city over the weekend. Tour guide of Morocco Excursion provided us all the information and we had a great time throughout the day. We all surfed, did camel ride and had a wonderful lunch at the beach. We were exhausted by the end of the day but it was an incredible experience. Services were really good and we recommend Morocco Xcursion to all the people who want to have a perfect day in Agadir city.